ARTISTS of Field of Sparks 2020!

Please meet the artists of our 2020 event: we are going to build 3 nature art pieces, continue our fine art project, organize lectures and discussions and have a festivity at the end of the ARTWEEK!

Our collaborating artists are: faculty of nature art from the Visual Art Institute, Eger, leading teacher: Peter Balázs.

Our second installation is designed and built by the prestigious Hungarian architect group: Paradigma Ariadné. Paradigma Ariadné is a Budapest based design studio to create extraordinary architecture and related contents, through applying theory, imagination and narration based design processes. The studio was founded in 2016 by Attila Róbert Csóka, Szabolcs Molnár and Dávid Smiló.Clients of Paradigma Ariadné include individuals, institutions, companies, and local governments as well, to provide them outstanding ideas and solutions wherever processes require architecture-related knowledge.

Paradigma Ariadné is co-curator of Hungarian Pavilion at Venice Biennale of Architecture 2021 together with Dániel Kovács. Previously Paradigma Ariadné took part in several exhibitions to display their works in Budapest, Venice, Warsaw, Vienna and Ohio State, USA.

Last but not least, we are super excited to share the news, the coolest Slovakian architect ladies of Wo|V|eN will build their next nature art piece in Ipolytarnóc between the 29th August and 5th September on the 100 Szikra I Alkotóhét & Házibuli! Don’t miss out to see how they work their magic! “WO|V|EN is a collaborative collective, a shared platform of four members: Anna Cséfalvay, Marianna Maczová, Veronika Michalíková, Danica Pišteková. They share a mutual interest in questioning and going beyond the limits of architecture, especially in small scale projects such as atypical and bespoke furniture, installations, interventions in public space and educational activities. Unconventional interpretations and contextual understanding are ever-present in their projects. The idea of such cooperation was born back in 2010 when they were all students of Architecture at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava.”

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