The 100 Sparks ARTWEEK together with the teams of Phosphor Prints and Ipolytarnóci Ősmaradványok invites you to participate in this year’s design challenge!

What happened in the tropical jungle of Ipolytarnóc 17 million years ago?

Illustrate the prehistoric animals of your imagination, whose footprints got caved into stone 17 million years ago in Ipolytarnóc! Imagine and draw their tropical world! Do something good!
Read some of the scientific articles about them on this LINK!
Learn more about their footprints here: LINK! Local myths here: LINK!

The best works will be RISOPRINTED in large scale and will be on sale as a limited edition series for the benefit of Ipolytarnóc!

 IMPORTANT! Please only use 3 colors for your illustration because of the RISOPRINT technique!


Send your work to

Size: minimum A4 (300 dpi)